January 4, 2018

games to play in the car on a roadtrip

Games to play in the car

We all wish to go for a road trip with our friends and family. To add fun to the trip we do plan games to play in the car with kids. Electronic gadgets can help you in keeping your kids engaged and entertained but it defeats the whole purpose of a road trip with your family. Road trip can be a good way to connect with your family with no daily life distraction. We have shortlisted few games to play in the car to make the most out of your road trip. Let’s explore them.

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Games to play in the car

Coloring Books

Coloring books are for all ages now! Classic coloring books are still an inexpensive option for children, and kids enjoys the sophisticated coloring books that are now available with better paper and intricate designs. Find them on Amazon.com or at most bookstores and discount stores.

Games to play in the car

Number Plate Game

Try and spot car number plates from all States. Play all together or make it a contest.

Once you get started with the license game, it can be addictive for the whole family.

Games to play in the car

Pick The Song

Load your ipod with music only versions of songs. Listen to the music and guess the song. Faster the guess more the points.

Games to play in the car


This one is my favorite activity. You can’t usually get enough time in your routine life. Long drives and vacations are a good to read your favorite books.

Our library now offers advanced book advances that can be downloaded to electronic gadgets. On the off chance that you have Amazon Prime, you can obtain ebooks from Prime Reading for no extra cost. Determination can be constrained, yet these books won’t burden your baggage and can’t get lost! Ebooks may in fact be screen time, yet I feel that reading a decent book doesn’t count.

Need a tablet that is extraordinary for perusing, yet won’t entice kids with applications or video? I like my Kindle Paperwhite.

Games to play in the car

Guess the Country (20 Questions)

One person chooses a country and everyone takes turn asking questions. You can limit questions to yes/no or not – whatever works for your family. Keep a notepad to note down the score. Winner can get some extra chocolates to enjoy the victory.

Games to play in the car

Memory Games

The first person says, “I am packing (fill in the blank).” The second person says “I am packing (first person’s item) and (new item).” The items can be anything.

Play goes around the car adding a new item to remember every time. See who can remember the most!