April 17, 2016

Cuba Travel Tips

Searching for Cuba travel tips? We have you secured!

We know, it’s one of those goals that you’re continually letting yourself know ‘one day I’ll visit Cuba

Going to Cuba is on such a large number of our friends bucket list can records yet not very many of them appear to be near arriving.

I’m not going to mislead you – Cuba¬ isn’t a simple place to go to. There are a modest bunch of nations where you can fly direct to Havana from, so the obstacles go up promptly.

Would americans be able to go to Cuba?

Truly, you would now be able to go to Cuba from USA and travel to Havana coordinate from the States, yet flights are difficult to find and will dependably be the most costly choice.

There are likewise a significant number guidelines about heading out to Cuba that put individuals off.

Additionally, there is by all accounts next to no accommodating Cuba data and all that you see appears to strife with what you’ve recently perused some time recently.

Be that as it may, since our current outing to Cuba, we’ve turned out to be one of its best promoters.

For reasons unknown simply like some other goal a little planning is all you require before going by Cuba to have the best time in this secretive, excellent nation.

The following are our insider Cuba travel tips for preparing yourself for a remarkable voyage.

List of chapters:


  • Money tips for Cuba
  • Documentation required for Cuba
  • Packing and getting to Cuba
  • Technology in Cuba


  • Travel research and planning for a visit to Cuba




Cash Tips for Cuba


  1. Bring money with you


Despite the fact that things with the States are settling down now, it’s a smart thought to take some hard money on your excursions to Cuba.


  1. Take Euros or GBP Sterling – these get the best swapping scale.


  1. Try not to take Aussie dollars, they don’t recognize what to do with them. Try not to take American dollars, the swapping scale will be loathsome in addition to you need to pay an additional expense without fail.


  1. Cuba has two monetary forms:


CUC (Cuban convertible peso or ‘Cuban dollar’) adjusted to USD which vacationers must utilize, and CUP (Cuban national peso) worth around 1 CUC = 22 CUP.


Non¬Cubans shouldn’t have any CUPs on them – however individuals do.


As Cuba¬/USA relations facilitate, the probability of the CUC vanishing and the CUP remaining is high. US dollars will likewise presumably turn out to be more acknowledged as well.


  1. You will discover double evaluating in many spots and the CUP and CUC costs won’t coordinate. It’s imperative not to let this trouble you!


  1. Get a VISA card for Cuba


Because of it being an American organization, MasterCard has never truly worked in Cuba however with changes happening constantly, an ever increasing number of American organizations are working with Cuba now. VISA is generally alright. As a rule!


  1. Verify whether your bank has any American collusion. On the off chance that it does, you won’t not have the capacity to get to your cash in any case.


As US/Cuban relations enhance, things will change.


  1. Where to get cash in Cuba


Attempt to get cash out of the ATM upstairs on level 1 of Havana International Airport. Abstain from utilizing the department do change at the air terminal however. They’re known to give off base change and the rates aren’t as great.


Lodgings and resorts for the most part have a department de change.


  1. Each town will have two sorts of bank – Banco de Cuba, which are appropriate banks, or Cadeca, which resembles a cash booth. The bank more often than not gives better rates.


  1. Just a single individual at any given moment can be served in the bank. In case you’re going with a companion or your accomplice, flip a coin to see who goes! Towns as a rule have ATMs as well – however some littler spots like Viñales don’t.


  1. Advise your bank you’re going to Cuba


It’s a smart thought to do this each time you leave your nation at any rate, however one of our best Cuba travel tips it that it’s significantly more vital for this goal.


Global calls are costly and web get to is extremely restricted.


On the off chance that your bank thinks your cards are being utilized without your assent, they will scratch off them for your sake and abandon you stranded.


Documentation Required for Travel to Cuba


  1. Travel Insurance for Cuba


You need fly out protection to go to Cuba. They do spot checks at Customs and in the event that you can’t deliver strategy documentation, they influence you to purchase protection there.


The Mastercard we use to purchase flights has ostensible travel protection included. It doesn’t cover everything however except we took the bet. We weren’t registered running with Cuba.


  1. Print out any travel reports before you leave for Cuba


Tech is extremely difficult to find amid go in Cuba.


In the event that you require any travel archives while you’re in Cuba or for your next goal, print them before traveling to Havana.


  1. Getting your Cuba Visa


Most nationalities require a visa for Cuba called a “Cuba Tourist Card” to enter – here’s a site with a rundown of nations requiring visas.


How to get a visa for Cuba? You can either purchase yours through your nearby Cuban government office or before check¬in at a Cubana Air work area.


Your aircraft may incorporate the Cuba visa on the cost of your flight tickets – however despite everything you’ll have to gather the visitor card at the Cubana Air counter before you check in.


Pressing and Getting to Cuba


  1. Go as light as could reasonably be expected


When you travel to Cuba, in the event that you can, run with lodge gear as it were. We figured out how to and it was the best. We didn’t need to stress over losing our stuff or about it getting harmed.


We likewise observed different explorers battling all through the modest entryways of Cuban structures and up tight staircases with their colossal sacks, which resembled a bad dream.


  1. Blessings and trading in Cuba


There’s a considerable measure of discuss having pens to provide for individuals set up of cash. There is a bargain framework in Cuba, however not for pens.


Children love to have pens yet there won’t be a frantic scramble in the event that you deliver a bit up Biro.


We saw a man exchange a bar of lodging cleanser for a stogie once, and there is by all accounts a deficiency of tinned fish in Cuba – it’s a standout amongst the most costly things to eat there.


Something else, attire with American brands on it is well known as is anything to do with baseball.


  1. Flights to Cuba


Get to the airplane terminal three hours previously departure for the two flights to Cuba, going back and forth.


Cubana Air enjoys its travelers checked in no less than a hour sooner than some other carrier. Planes are frequently over¬booked, so it’s justified regardless of that additional hour for genuine feelings of serenity.


  1. Nourishment in Cuba


Because of limitations in exchange, Cuban nourishment isn’t the best – however it’s not the most exceedingly bad either. It’s normally slightly insipid.


Bring somewhat salt with you or – as our companion did – take a jug of sauce with you. He took some Sriracha, which was altogether followed two weeks!

Technology in Cuba


  1. Galileo Offline Maps


The web hasn’t generally taken off in Cuba yet, however you can at present utilize your cell phone to get around.


Galileo Offline Maps enables you to utilize your telephone’s GPS to demonstrate where on the planet you are. You can even set Galileo to record your developments so you can see where you went!


You can likewise transfer maps from somewhere else into Galileo (see my next point).


You have to download maps onto the application first before you get to Cuba and go disconnected. This is a paid application however justified regardless of each penny.


  1. Cuba Junky


A splendid blog, which reveals to you a great deal about the nation. This person likewise has maps of Cuba with each Casa Particulare – a sort of homestay famous with travelers in Cuba – noted on the guide.


You can transfer these maps onto Galileo (see my past note) and utilize your GPS to explore around. Visit Cuba Junky for points of interest.


  1. Havana Good Time


Havana Good Time is a decent app¬-based manual for Havana that is genuinely present and will avoid all the standard over¬touristy spots.


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Research and Preparation for Cuba Travel


  1. Best season to visit Cuba


Similarly as with any goal, there are great and better circumstances of year to visit Cuba. Between mid¬ November and March is the cooler dry season – this is typically a busier season because of the lower temperatures and moistness level.


At the point when to go to Cuba?


Amongst May and June is the wet season when things get a bit sweat-soaked in Cuba however things happen like the tobacco is reaped and carnivale, which are a standout amongst the most mainstream features of the Cuban date-book.


July to early November is sea tempest season, when things can get somewhat blustery.


  1. Book your first night’s settlement in Cuba


Not certain where to remain in Cuba?


Another of our best Cuba travel tips it that it’s not a smart thought to touch base in Cuba with no arrangement of where you need to rest that night. Ensure your first night in any event is secured.


Lodgings in Cuba:


Book Hotels in Cuba on Booking.com


Read Hotel Reviews on Trip Advisor


  1. Book Cuba visits before you clear out


As we’ve said some time recently, the web is difficult to find in Cuba. Scanning for Cuba visits and exercises while you’re there will be troublesome and exorbitant.


We booked a little gathering visit with Cuban Adventures previously we cleared out and it turned out to be the best choice.


G Adventures likewise do visits to Cuba


  1. Pick your visit in view of agenda


On the off chance that you need to join a visit, you should consider to what extent you need to travel and make your rundown of spots to visit in Cuba.


Try not to stress excessively over guaranteed administrations or additional items. Most visits utilize a similar organization for the visit guides.


  1. Learn as much Spanish as you can


One of our supportive Cuba set out tips is to take in a tad bit of the nearby dialect.


Indeed, even straightforward words and sentences will go far in Cuba. Individuals love to converse with you and in the event that you know a tad bit of their dialect, they’ll be considerably friendlier.


It additionally helps in case you’re remaining in casa particulars so you can address your liberal hosts.


  1. Take salsa lessons


Everybody in Cuba knows how to salsa. Regardless of whether you simply take in the fundamental advances, you won’t learn about left remained at the edge of the move floor while every other person is living it up.


You can take lessons in Cuba while you’re there, yet by then it may be past the point of no return.


The most essential thing to make sure to do while you’re in Cuba is to have a ton of fun.


Cuba isn’t a hazardous nation, the same number of individuals think. Wrongdoing rates are not high. There is a great deal of organization here however, which makes voyaging hard.


Giving you utilize your sound judgment and act with deference for the neighborhood culture, you’ll have the best time in Cuba

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